Client Consent; Client Acknowledgement; Brokerage Initial Disclosure

I/We warrant and confirm the information provided to Huys Mortgage Group (hereinafter referred to as “you”) by me/us in my/our application for financing is complete and correct and I/we understand the information provided is being used for the purpose of obtaining financing. The word “information” means personal information about me/us obtained from this application or other sources.

You are authorized to obtain information you may require for the purpose of determining my/our eligibility for a residential mortgage and related services from any other sources (including but not limited to a credit bureau) and each source is authorized to provide you this information. The information provided in my/our residential mortgage application and other information you obtain may be provided to potential mortgage lenders, insurers and other parties offering related services ( the Service Providers). The Service Providers may share the information amongst them, take steps to confirm the information, and obtain additional information from other sources (including but not limited to a credit bureau) for the purposes of determining my/our eligibility for a residential mortgage or related services, and providing the mortgage or services. Where a Service Provider seeks additional information from a source, the source is authorized to provide the information.

Client Acknowledgement

I/we acknowledge that I/we are familiar with any mortgage prepayment penalties that may occur with the payout of my/our existing mortgage, if applicable, and I/we will be responsible for the payment of such penalties.

I/we acknowledge and agree to release and forever discharge Huys Mortgage Group from any claim which I/we may have as a result of the loan not being advanced or from the fluctuations in the market either before or after my/our application is placed and to indemnify and save harmless Huys Mortgage Group and it’s mortgage brokers/associates and any other employees of Galon Insurance & Mortgage Brokers from any claim over for relief by any party against whom I/we may make a claim, whether or not a mortgage commitment is supplied to me/us by a lender(s).

I/we acknowledge that Huys Mortgage Group, and/or company representatives, are not qualified to provide legal, tax, financial or investment advice. Accordingly, I/we will take the appropriate steps to secure any professional advice should I/we deem such advice necessary.

In the above Client Consent and Client Acknowledgement “you” means the mortgage brokerage and I/we or my/our or me/us means the mortgage applicant(s).

Brokerage Initial Disclosure

NOTICE TO MORTGAGEE(S): – mortgage brokerages must inform you whether a lender has an ownership interest in the mortgage brokerage, the number of lenders the mortgage brokerage is capable of submitting an application to, and the names of those lenders. This information is required by Saskatchewan legislation, and must be provided to you at the earliest opportunity and not less than two (2) business days before you: commit yourself to enter into the mortgage; OR make any payment or committing to make any payment in connection with the mortgage, other than fees or charges paid to the mortgage brokerage for its services.

  1. The mortgage brokerage IS NOT directly or indirectly owned in whole or in part by a mortgage lender.
  2. The mortgage brokerage is capable of submitting your mortgage application to 15 lenders at the present time. The following is a list of lenders we deal with:
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • Equitable Bank
  • First National Financial
  • MCAP
  • Street Capital Financial Corp
  • MERIX Financial
  • National Bank
  • Optimum Mortgage
  • Prime West
  • Scotia Mortgage Corporation
  • Spectrum Canada
  • TCU
  • Lendwise
  • RMG
  • Bridgewater